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Happy holidays! A Bad Case of the Dates is closing on Sunday, December 31st (Why? Click here). On that day, I'll post my worst date ever. Since we started up, we've had over 4,600 posts. Some stand out for me. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites. Share yours in the comments!

Welcome to Guys
A wedding. A strange aroma. Hilarity ensues.

Sounds Better Than What's at the Box Office
Hapless children encounter a horse with a weight problem.

The New Romance

Prepare to be Boarded
Rated arrr.

Don't Ask What She Called Her Entree
Yum. Again.

Dick Dock
Read it. But I'm not telling you what to do.

Be Careful Whom You Stalk
There are some people you shouldn't stalk. Namely everybody. But this guy in particular.

Seems Like a Catch, Except for That One Detail
What happens when you leave your profile up at the Apple Store.


Bring tissues.

Bring more tissues.

The Ring of Truth
My real-life friend Chris actually used this actual site to actually propose to his now-actual wife!

Which have been your favorites?



The next post will be on Friday.


  1. anyone set up a FB group yet - or no one really wants one?

  2. My all time favourite: Welcome to guys! Yay! Only, seems the link sends us to chunky horse... Oh no! Please Jared, fix the link

  3. There was one I loved about a woman who reunited with a high school sweetheart who insisted on meeting her, claimed to only want to meet up as friends, swore up and down he wasn’t trying to get her to break up with her boyfriend, but spent the entire time at the restaurant making romantic gestures and bad-mouthing her boyfriend. Then he admitted he’d kept the condom they’d used the first time they had sex, and gave it to her as a present. The OP ran out, and immediately blocked him on everything.

    1. That is absolutely the most bizarre and horrible thing

  4. The site is closing? Oh noes! *tears* Where will I go to hear more about crazy ppl. Well anyway, my fav story is "Anica" where the crazy girl had her boyfriend in jail and was expecting his baby, and asked the OP to pay for her expenses because he owed them forgiveness for her cheating on him. 2n fav was the one where the girl took her boyfriend to New York and makes him wait somewhere while she meets up with an old friend and she has sex with the friend all day and comes crying and begging on her knees for forgiveness. I like it cuz the OP doesn't forgive her.
    Anyway I guess that my story will never be published, so I'll write it here: Basically it was 1st date, the guy and I go to a restaurant, where he displays horrible manners (hitting on the waitress, farting, eating with his mouth open and with fingers) and then my coworkers show up to say hi and the guy reaches in his fanny pack (He was dressed in a turtleneck and sweats, and fanny pack) and throws something that turned out to be stinky cologne (think axe) all over my coworkers for no reason and runs off. He then texts me the next day asking to go on another date, which I say hell no, and he asks if I think he was hot, I say hell no, and then he asks if I have any hot friends to pass his number on to.
    THe 2nd story was more mild, basically my coworker asked me to take her stepson out to a club date, and promises me that he'll behave since he's in the army and he'll be shipped out soon. I agree and we go. My other coworker tags along, and the guy asks me to dance. We do and he tells me in front of everybody that I'm the worst dancer ever and to stop embarrassing him in a very loud voice. Record scratch. The DJ even stopping and looked. I was humiliated and sped off somewhere, but I couldn't just leave because I had taken him and I thought my coworker would give me grief, so I just hid. Later I saw my coworker (the one that tagged along) and him groping in the dark. The next day, my coworker (his stepmom) was furious with me because apparently he told her that I called her a cow (which wasn't true) and she gave me grief anyway. Never again! :p

  5. I reckon I've read somewhere around 600 stories on here, maximum, so I'll be coming back for years to come.

    I tend to read a story when I have chance to sit with my phone and no distractions.

    When I worked away, driving around the country, I'd often sit and read loads of stories at rest stops. This was back in 2014 when I first discovered the site.

    It would be great if I kept track of my favourite stories here. I keep coming back, so there are plenty of them.

    Amazing website.

  6. My "must-read " of the day. Thanks for the laughs. I'll miss it.


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