Don't Most People Have Those Every Day?

Story Submitted by Jacob:

Kelly and I got to know each other online over the span of about two weeks.  She struck me as very smart, but also very sensitive and a little tense.  My usual manner is a bit dry, but I did my best to come across as the kind of guy she'd want to meet.

At my suggestion, she agreed to meet me at a centrally located restaurant for our first date.  I made it there about 10 minutes early, which was right around when she called to tell me that she'd be 10 minutes late.  Rather than wait next to the fish tank by the host's station, I grabbed a table and seat facing the doorway.

Kelly's entrance still chills me to this day.  The door opened, in walked a woman matching her physical description, she stopped, turned slowly to me, and I saw that she wore an orange  plastic mask that was half-comedy, half crescent moon.  I couldn't see her eyes or any of her facial features, and she walked slowly to my table as if coming to reap my soul.

When she arrived, she stood above me and didn't sit.  "Jacob?" she asked.


She said, "I'm having a bad face day and it's up to you."

I asked, "What is?"

She said, "Whether or not you want to go ahead with the date.  I'm all on board if you want to postpone."

"What are you talking about?"

"My face doesn't look great today.  I want to keep this mask on, but I'll understand either way if you want to go ahead with the date or not."

I asked, "You wouldn't take the mask off for the date?"

She shook her head.

"Okay.  Let's postpone."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay," I said, and then she stared at me from within the mask.  It would have been okay, but the way she was standing, she was blocking my exit path.  I stared back for a few seconds before I said, "Excuse me."

She moved out of my way but continued to stare.  I put my jacket on, zipped up, gave her a final nod, and left.  She didn't move, other than turning her head to watch me go.

I never called her after that.  Couldn't risk another bad anything day.  It was just too creepy.


  1. My guess: she faked her profile pictures in some way and was stalling for time so she could reveal that later. Definitely a major sign of trouble to come and you were right to put a stop to it when you did.

  2. Honestly, if the OP is willing to engage with her online without really knowing what she looks like, then one date with a masked woman (although very bizarre, and worthy of setting off a number of psycho alarm bells) is not completely unreasonable.

    I would have gone ahead with the date, assuming that she had some kind of awful skin disease or something. Or was really insecure about her looks. Both of which would make it more unlikely that I would go for a second date. But since you're at the restaurant, why not go ahead with the date?

    Also, I wonder how she would have eaten with the mask on?

  3. ^ Not sure he didn't know what she looked like, he just couldn't see her face in the restaurant and matched her physical description to the masked person that walked in is what I got from the story.

  4. Next time my skin breaks out terribly I'm so going to wear a crazy mask outside and tell people I'm having a "bad face day".

    I'm one of those girls that refuses to leave the house if I can't cover my blemishes well, so that sounds like a great option.

  5. she just needed to grow the fuck up... i dont see anyone else wearing a weird as hell mask because their foundation is a little runny today.

  6. I think it was a "Crying Game" scenario.

  7. Okay a couple of things one:
    "My usual manner is a bit dry, but I did my best to come across as the kind of guy she'd want to meet."
    Why would you change who you are and what you are like for anyone, especially someone who you want to date and could possibly spend a lot of time with? If she was someone you didn't think you could click with, you shouldn't have gone on the date in the first place.

    and "in walked a woman matching her physical description" What was so unique about her body that you could tell it was her without seeing her face?

    Okay, carry on but over all I don't feel as bad for OP as I have for other OPs.

  8. @tanette13 - He didn't know it was her. He only said her characteristics matched that of the description online. He wasn't sure it was her until she said his name and she responded to "Kelly".

    It sounds like he hadn't seen a photo of her and she'd described herself in text. You know: 5 foot 4, thin, brown hair, etc.

    I do agree with you on the first part though. I don't see the point in pretending you don't have a dry manner if you do.

  9. rectpropagation, I think this was my first comment on this site. Yah! What you have said makes sense, though. :)


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