Are You Worth Earning?

E-mail Submitted by Diego:

I appreciate your message.  While I don't respond to most of the stupid messages from desperate boys, I'll respond to yours.  Well, obviously.

Being a woman gets guys upset but that's who I am.  You didn't ask me about where I want to be in five years even though it's a standard question: married with platinum wedding bands.  I prefer silver to gold but platinum above all.  Works out for me either way: proves my husband makes it.  I want to be able to work if I want or stay at home with the kids - my choice, no one else's.  It wasn't my mother's choice and she's miserable (though she'd never confess it).

I'm smarter than most guys I meet which makes dating a bore.  I only responded to you because you can spell.  Isn't that sad?  My standards are so low on this site, it makes me want to scream.  A guy has to earn me, but most women have such low self-esteem that they give themselves to anything with a dick and a pulse and ruin it for the rest of us.  Give me a break!  Earn me!

You like to bike.  That's really interesting.  Tell me more about bike.



  1. Platinum bands can be expensive. Buy her a black eye instead.

  2. Poor Karen, has nobody bought you a black eye before? I'll buy you one!

  3. Awww...That's sweet.

    That's also why I have a rottweiler.

  4. She's so smart that her last sentence had a typo.

  5. Yeah, I love Rottweilers. Still, I'll probably just mail it to you.

  6. jonaldson and Karen are dramatards.

  7. The people who talk the most shit are usually the ones most full of it.


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