Beer and Loathing

Story Sent in by Winston:

I had already been on one date with Amy and it hadn't gone so well. She had seemed upset about something while we were out together and she had eventually let on that a beloved uncle had fallen ill. Understandable, but if she had simply postponed the date instead of moping about her relative the entire time, that might have been best.

I wrote her an email after the date to wish her and her family well. She wrote back to apologize for being out of sorts during the date and to ask me if I'd want to go out again. Since I figured it wasn't her fault that she was in a downer mood, I told her I'd be glad to go out again. Maybe to a bar? She said she'd be up for it and so we made it a definite.

We didn't speak very much the week leading up to our second date. She was always busy with something or other.

The evening of the date itself, I bought us beers and we sat down. She acted very similarly to how she had on our first date: quiet, somber, and mopey. I hadn't planned to mention anything about her uncle, but thought it would be nice to ask. I did.

She said, "He's fine. Took a better turn this past week. Thank you."

I hadn't expected that, given her behavior. I said, "That's good. So why are you upset, tonight?"

She said, "Sometimes I'm just upset for no reason. Is that okay with you?"

"I guess. You could've just postponed tonight's date if you weren't feeling up to it."

She shot back, "If you can't handle me like this, then you can't handle me at all."

"I suppose I can't handle you, then."

She stared at me and said, "I really can't believe this. You're gonna be a jerk? Just like that?"

She grabbed her beer and slammed it on the table, perhaps forgetting that there was beer in the glass. It spilled up and all over her and the table. I offered to help her clean it up, but she stormed off to the bathroom and never returned. After a while, I was done waiting for her so I finished my beer and left.

The next morning at a little after 7:30am, she texted me, "Where did u go?"

She'll never know.

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  1. "Where did you go?" Away, just like everything good in your whole life.


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