School Daze

Story Sent in by Stephanie:

During a period of unemployment I met George online. He was a middle school teacher who came off as easy going as well as easy on the eyes. After a little over a week of talking, he asked me if I was around a forthcoming Friday at one in the afternoon.

I was around, as I was between jobs. However, this was in October and Fridays in October were usually school days. I asked him about this point and he said not to worry about it. He confirmed, "I'll meet you in the parking lot of Lincoln Middle School on Friday. One o'clock."

At the agreed-upon time, I parked in the lot and waited for him by the main doors. When he didn't show up after several minutes, I felt like a little bit of a creep for hanging around a school doorway so I returned to my car and texted him.

He didn't reply and it was almost 1:20. I called him, thinking that if he was somewhere important, he'd have his phone on vibrate. I left a voicemail and hung up.

Around 1:30 I saw him exit the entrance and look around. I hopped out of my car and went up to him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, "I'm teaching!"

I said, "You told me to meet you here at one! I was here, I texted, and I called! Why would you ask me to come here on a day that you're teaching?"

Instead of answering my perfectly reasonable question, he said, "You need to leave. You're trespassing," and then scurried back into the school before I could point out to him what a total idiot he was.

My guess is that he figured it out, though. His two phone calls to me over the next day went forever unanswered.


  1. God OP, didn't you know it was opposite day?! When he said show up, he meant stay away! Didn't his outfit tip you off?

  2. He was probably married and someone who would have told his wife was around.


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