Have You Tried a Giant Mallet?

Profile Sent in by Louis:

My self-summary

I am a freelance fashion photographer by day and I spend most of the night working on my photos. Being a career insomniac has its perks I guess. I get to learn all about how different sleep aids (tried them all - medicinal, homeopathic, spiritual, prayer, tears) don't work. Is not all bad. I can spend so much time fine tuning my profile. I can try out all the 24 hour cafes that I want (and I have) I can do anything it seems except for sleep. I HAVE NOT SLEPT IN WEEKS ANS WANT TO DIE. Other than that I have what you would call a normal life.


  1. Do these people not have friends who screen their profiles or do they genuinely believe they're being funny or clever?

  2. "I can spend so much time fine tuning my profile."

    Umm, you missed a line in your editing. Just a heads up.


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