Can't Trust What a Robot Says

Email Sent in by Lori:

Dear Lori:

I am not sure why you have not written me back. I had a good time with you. Is it so hard to answer why you did not have a good time with me? I see this as an opportunity for self improvement and you are denying me that.

Let me walk you through what will happen next so there will be no confusion. I will continue to write you and if there is no response (feel free to write at any time) then I will write you actual paper letters to your address (I will find it) and your work address (I have already found it). If there is no further response then I shall perhaps drop by and visit you just for a talk. Again, just for conversation. The conversation will include questions such as why did you not write me back? I was polite and gentlemanly to you and I do not deserve abuse.

If you are evasive and/or do not answer my questions then we will have to have a more detailed talk about your mental state. Someone incapable of answering such a simple question is not fit to be among decent people and I will call the authorities (I have their number) to take you in for evaluation with or without your consent. When they will seek my advice and advice of the robot I will tell them that you should remain in custody for your own good.

Please do not force my hand. I just want an answer to this simple question. My plan will commence if there is no answer starting now.


(Lori says, "I didn't reply this this wacko and he never wrote me again.")


  1. Someone get this guy an evaluation and shock therapy stat!

  2. "It puts the lotion on its skin...."

  3. I'm getting an NT humor vibe from this.. I think Noah is hilarious.. I wonder if he is still single..?


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