Meat 'n Greet

Story Sent in by Florence:

A friend of mine in high school set me up on a date with Martin. He went to another school in our county and my friend knew him from track. He and I exchanged numbers and we spoke for long whiles on the phone. He seemed like a nice, funny guy and so we went out to eat at a Persian restaurant he highly recommended.

I'm a vegetarian and I asked Martin ahead of time if the place had entrees I could eat. He assured me that there were and he was right. There were plenty of veggie options. He ordered some beef dish, I ordered something else.

We talked for a little while about this and that. During the conversations, among other things, we discussed our cars. After all, we were teenagers and having cars to drive was still a novelty. What kind of car did I have? What color was it? Nothing odd about those questions.

The portions were generous and once we were done with dinner, we asked for our food to be boxed up. Once the boxes arrived at the table, Martin promised he'd be right back, then grabbed his box and left the restaurant with it.

I was confused and wondered if he'd ever be back at all. But after a couple of minutes he returned to the table without his box. He sat down and said that he wanted to put it in his car so that we could take a walk after dinner without having to carry his leftovers. He then offered to carry mine during the walk.

I thought that was very nice of him and I accepted his offer. We walked around the area for a little while and he kissed me goodnight on the cheek. He gave me my box back, we parted ways, and I returned alone to my car. It was parked on the side of the road near the restaurant.

When I arrived at it, I found the windshield smeared with what was unmistakably Martin's beef dinner leftovers. It was so gross! I called him right then and there. It went to voicemail.

He never contacted me again and of course I told my friend all about it. Within less than a week, everyone on the track team was calling him "Meaty Martin" and apparently the nickname spread throughout the county track teams.

I never saw Meaty again and to this day I have no idea what he was thinking. Or if he was ever thinking at all.

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  1. Not the best way to slip a girl the meat Martin. You need to work on your delivery.


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