Snot Cool

Story Sent in by Nora:

Murray messaged me online and we spoke for a little bit. While writing back and forth, I came down with a bad cold and I was just over it when he asked me out to dinner. I warned him that I'd be blowing my nose a lot and suggested that we wait another week. He wouldn't hear of it.

At dinner, I in fact did have to blow my nose a lot, and he looked increasingly uncomfortable despite the well-flowing conversation. Finally, just after dinner arrived, he threw a few bills on the table, picked up his plate, and said, "I can't take your mucus anymore."

He carried his plate to our waitress, apparently asked for it to be boxed up, waited with his back to me until she did it, then left.

He had left way more than enough to cover both of our dinners and the tip, so I actually used the extra to help me pay for a decongestant at a nearby drugstore. So thanks, Murray, for that.


  1. Sweet baby Jesus, yet another clueless little bitch. Murray if Nora could blow a nose like a champ what else do you think she could blow like a champ? It's not rocket science buddy if the nose is grossing you out flip her over stick her head in a bucket and bang away. EVS is not going to cure itself.

  2. ^True dat. And he couldn't stand some sticky emissions?

  3. I can't believe she took the tip to pay for her medicine

  4. Your date treated you like crap, so... you decided to take it out on the waitress? Seriously? Being in the food service industry is hard enough, do they really need people like you robbing them?

  5. I know this is a bit late but wolfdreams, she said there was more than enough to cover the meal and a tip so she used what was left after paying the bill and tip to buy the medicine.


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