Pic a Winner

Story Sent in by Jason:

Jocelyn made a lot of comments on my profile photos: "You look so handsome in them. I can't believe it." It was nice to hear even though she repeated it a lot. I just figured that maybe she was a bit awkward and didn't know what else to say to compliment someone.

She then began compliment fishing, herself. "Do I look nice in my profile photos?" "Which of my photos is the prettiest?" and so on. She was pretty cute, so I handled her insecurities as charmingly as I could.

At last we met in person. And things were a bit different. She said, "I didn't expect you to look so much like my ex-boyfriend."

"You saw my profile pics. They're recent and they're of me."

"It's not your fault. But you totally look like my ex. Eww."

I didn't know how to react to that, so I said, "Why don't you let me prove to you how different I am from him?"

"No!" she shouted, "You're just like him in every way!" and then she spun around, stumbled to a park bench, climbed onto it, and dry-heaved over the back of it, over and over.

I waited there for a few minutes, but she clearly wasn't in the mood to stop making an idiot out of herself, so I said bye and left her there. Once again, I have to stress the fact that my profile pictures were current and looked just like me. If my appearance sickens people then fine, but she had no excuse not to know that before we went out together.


  1. Clearly, you have a twin brother, which was her ex. She was waiting for you to take her back home to your trailer, so you could copulate on your bed o' trash, while your bro watched. Opportunities. Missed.

  2. Hey OP, of your profile pictures, this one was my favorite! Really catches your good side!

  3. She was re-enacting the breakup. At least he only had 1 date worth of crazy. I wonder how many the ex had.


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