Silence Is Golden

Submitted by George:

Rachel accepted an invitation to dinner and a film screening that we both wanted to see at a local library.  I offered to pay for her at dinner, and she said, "Uh... no.  I'm perfectly capable of paying for myself."  That's fine, but a thank-you-anyway would've been nice, at the very least.

It was evident throughout dinner that she was at the top of her interest list.  Whenever I spoke, she would listen patiently, but then cut in with something like, "Speaking of summer camp, I was awarded the good sportsmanship award one summer..."  Whatever I did, she did better, and she had no problems letting me know.

At the film screening, she would not shut up.  First she expressed disappointment that she had suddenly remembered that she had seen the movie "a million times before."  And you didn't realize this before I grabbed tickets to it (of course, it was okay for me to buy tickets to the film, but not pay for dinner)?

People kept saying, "Shh!" and that quieted her voice into a whisper, but she still spoke to me just as much.

Finally, I turned to her and told her, "I'm trying to enjoy this.  Would you mind just not talking for a little bit?"

She shut up for the rest of the movie.

Afterward, when it was over, I asked her what she thought about it.  She said, "You don't want me to talk, so I'll just stay quiet."

I thought about arguing with her, then realized that her not talking was awesome.

When all else fails.


  1. Strong work, George.

  2. If you are going to keep grudging track of every dime you spend on a date, then this girl was smart to pay for her own dinner. Movies are bad ideas for the first few dates - you're supposed to be getting to know someone. Sorry she was a crankpuss when you asked her to be quiet, but aside from that it seems like she was the one trying to be on a date.

    How much are those tickets to a library movie screening? Two dollars, four dollars? Oh, thank you, thanks so much, I can barely believe the kindness you've shown by deigning to spend the cost of a latte on her.

  3. Fizziks, I think he was just mentioning paying for the movie tickets because of what his date said when he offered to pay for dinner.

    Why do people get so worked up about every story here? You have to practically get raped at gunpoint for it to be considered a "bad date" and even then I'm sure someone would point out that the OP was "asking for it".

  4. I agree with Fizziks that taking a date to a movie for one of the first outings is a bad idea. So you were obviously "asking for it" when she started trying to talk to you. But seriously....if you are watching a movie, STFU or GTFO people. I can not say this enough.

  5. I loathe people that talk through movies. Even worse when they've seen it before, and they tell you "Oh, watch this part!" as if you weren't trying to pay attention to it in the first place.

    This girl sucks for talking through the movie. And it sucks she didn't give you the attention you need. Sure, this girl didn't try to rape you, but she raped the hell out of your time using sand as lube. At least you didn't have to pay for her dinner.

  6. When a guy pays for date activities to achieve the a romantic effect he should make it seem like no big deal. After all a girl doesn't want to feel beholden. It's stupid to go on a first date that is very expensive; looks calculating.

    A movie at the library couldn't cost that much. When she realized that she had seen it before, the right move would have been offer to pull out of the movie and do something else.

  7. Responding to The Architect; movie theater first-dates are not always a bad idea. while i agree that it's not the absolute perfect venue to get to know each other, it is a nice time to see if you can hold her hand or something similar during the movie without her objecting. after that, you're in the clear!


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