Knock Knock

Submitted by Rhianna:

Dan was a really persistent guy online.  He was never threatening or anything, but he wrote me three messages before I decided to respond to him.  Someone that desperate might have been worth checking out.

When we met up at a local breakfast place, it was like he was doing me the biggest favor.  He said, "I canceled my plans for today to meet up with you."  What do you want me to do?  Take you right to my bedroom in gratitude? 

We were taking a walk afterward when he asked me if we could play a game.  I told him that it sounded fun, so sure.  He said that he knew of a haunted house right around there, but that he hadn't really ever approached it.  He asked if I'd go with him to go stand on the front porch and maybe knock.  This sounded like something my 5-year-old cousin would do, but I went along with it.

This house was a bit outside of town, down a road I wouldn't have even seen if I wasn't looking for it.  I asked him how he had found it, and he said that his friend had taken him there a while ago.

The house seemed deserted, but one thing was really weird about it: the porch was brand new, as if someone had just installed it a week before.  It wasn't even painted.

"Maybe someone owns the house," I suggested, "And they're fixing it up."

As we walked closer to it, we heard the sound of a door slamming.  We turned to each other, then he ran up to the porch, knocked on the door, and ran back toward me.

"Come on!" he yelled, and grabbed my wrist so hard that it left a mark.  We climbed back into his car and sped off.  Not ten seconds later, a car followed us out of the driveway and gave chase, flashing its brights and getting really close behind us.

Dan said that he'd drive the car into a police station if they kept following us, which they did for about ten minutes.  After they gave up, I asked him to take me back to my car, and so the date ended.


  1. "Someone that desperate might have been worth checking out."

    Usually, when I'm looking for a potential mate, I don't select the most desperate one of the group. Desperate guys usually turn out to be dating nightmares.

  2. Hehe, I knew someone would quote that line when I read it.

    "What do you want me to do? Take you right to my bedroom in gratitude?"

    That was probably exactly what he was thinking though..

  3. Ya, that deperate line was a little odd. He did seem like a douche, but that also sounded like a pretty cool date. I bet it has been a while since you were in a good car chase!

  4. I'm waiting for one that sounds like this: "He wouldn't stop throwing rocks at me so I thought, gee someone that focused on me deserves at least a first date. Then he set my grandma on fire, which I thought was odd, but I figured hey why not give him the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to him being quirky. He then wanted to skydive naked while snorting coke off each other's stomachs, which again I thought was extreme but I went along with it anyway." I wish this site existed when I was a teenager so I could have known the amount of stuff girls will let a guy get away with and still go out with them.

  5. He took little Susie to the Junior Prom
    Excitable boy, they all said
    and he raped her and killed her, then he took her home
    Excitable boy, they all said
    Well, he's just an excitable boy
    After ten long years they let him out of the Home
    Excitable boy, they all said
    And he dug up her grave and built a cage with her bones
    Excitable boy, they all said

  6. I don't even understand this date

  7. I don't see where anything went wrong, I would love to be in a car chase... especially one coming from a haunted house.

  8. "What do you want me to do? Take you right to my bedroom in gratitude?"
    What brought this on? All he did was tell you that he cancelled plans to meet you. Some people would consider that a compliment. When you say he seemed desperate enough, so you said okay, you really meant "I didn't want to date him, but I was desperate enough, so I said okay."

    Seems like you had it out for him from the get-go. Learn to say no, and spare the guy's feelings.

  9. Anon 7:52, it's pretty tacky and awkward to say that to someone. It's like buying someone a gift, and then commenting on how much it cost you or how hard it was to get... what are you supposed to say in return? Of course he's looking for gratitude, but telling someone what an inconvenience it was to do this huge favor for them just bugs people rather than wins their admiration. I personally would rather not recieve the 'favor' at all if the person is going to suggest it was this big burden on them - it's not like it was the OP's fault.

    I agree with the comments about the OP being the desperate one, though. At least she wasn't desperate enough to drag the date out longer, blow him at his pregnant gf's apartment, etc. so kudos for that.

  10. "Someone that desperate might have been worth checking out."

    Why oh why do women think things like this?

  11. he was totally into you. i could tell by how desperate he was... ;]

  12. Desperate guy you don't even know wants to take you to a "haunted" house on the outskirts of town.....What about this setup doesn't sound like a horror movie in the making?

    Side note: Seriously Anon 5:12, blood vessels are constantly exploding in my brain every time I see a girl on here say something like "He wanted to take me to an abandoned theatre and show me his knife collection. It was a bit unusual so I was definitely up for it!" I mean, what the hell!

  13. I usually don't mind going to new places either. If someone wants to show me a place that I haven't heard of before, I usually don't know ahead of time that it's in the middle of nowhere. If I tell someone I don't feel comfortable where they're taking me, chances are they wouldn't exactly care if their plan is to rape me and skin me alive.

    Besides, if you're that paranoid about going to new places, why not just bring pepper spray or a knife with you? Chances are you won't ever have to use it anyway.

    Anyway, the take-away from this story is: Don't knock on meth lab doors. People will chase you.

  14. Why would meth makers/dealers care so much about renovating their front porch?

  15. Maybe the porch was CRACKed?
    Maybe their aunt TINA was coming to visit and they wanted it to look nice?
    Maybe they were just doing some TWEAKs to the house?
    Maybe there was shattered GLASS around, and they decided rather than sweeping, they should replace the wood?
    Maybe their old porch got covered in ICE when it got cold?
    Maybe the old one was creaky, and they didn't want anyone to fall and SMACK their head?

    These all seem like plausible solutions, SPANK you very much. Then again, maybe I'm just a DOPE. :-P

  16. Nikki said

    ""Someone that desperate might have been worth checking out."

    Usually, when I'm looking for a potential mate, I don't select the most desperate one of the group. Desperate guys usually turn out to be dating nightmares."

    I guess you are an exception. You previously mentioned that your current boyfriend asked you to be his girlfriend after only 2 dates.

    Also, you said something stupid like "You know when you know."

    I don't think you can be too picky if that kid in the picture is your own which more than likely is.

  17. @ 10:20

    Awwww, Nikki has an internet stalker!!! How cute!!!


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