Cease Your Wine-ing

Submitted by Elaine:

Gregory insisted on taking me on a "wine tasting tour" of the area.  I didn't know much about wines, but he was so enthusiastic about it that I figured it would at least be a fun way to get to know each other.  I parked my car at his place, climbed into his car, and off we went.

He brought me to one place and proceeded to get completely hammered.  Thank goodness, I thought, that I could drive a standard, because there was no way I was going to let this guy drive his own car.

I sipped at some of the wines and asked him where we were going to go next, you know, the next stop on our wine tour.

"Thissss is it!" he slurred, "I don't know what's next... your bedroom?  Maybe mine?  Wine tour!"

Okay, so I drove him back to his house, led him inside, onto a living room couch, and left.

He sent me a text message an hour or so later that said, "OMFG I'M PUKING MY GUTS OUT."  Smooth, man.

Unusual wine labels.


  1. What does a guy have to do to get laid!?
    You were a stuffed shirt from the beginning, a total square.

  2. Wine tour!!

  3. Wine tour is the new, best euphenism for "let's get drunk and screw!"

  4. I would like to commend you on your intelligence. Not getting into a car with a drunk driver, not staying at his place for any reason. You are smarter than 99% of the OPs on this site.

  5. I'm with Anon 12:16.

    You were smart about this one OP. Sorry your date was a douchebag.

  6. It would be interesting to know the guy's age. If someone in their early 20s without much social drinking history embarrassed himself, OK chalk it up to experience. But anyone older should know his limits, especially if when he has to drive.

  7. hahaaa, "wine tour!"

  8. I second that request, is it possible to the quy's age? I'm being curious, because he sounds like someone I may be going out with as well or maybe just the name of the wine tour he asked you to attend.

  9. ^^I think it'd be fantastic if you ended up currently dating this same "bad date." There should be more overlap/follow-up on this site with all the bad dates, to see if their "quirkiness" "rapiness" was just a one-time issue or a continuing problem.

    I especially want to know whatever happened to the guy who got on his motorcycle and sped away before even meeting his date. That would be a great interview to have.

  10. Yooooohoooooo!!!!! I loved the motocycle guy lol


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