Be Carefuller What You Wish For

Story Sent in by Sophia:

At dinner on a first date with Jack, he asked me about my acting experience. I had acted in plays in high school, college, and for some local theatre productions. He said that he could guess which shows I had been in. He said, "42nd Street, Joseph, Anything Goes, and Oklahoma. Am I right?"

He was. He said, "I looked you up online before the date. You went to Zion Hill Nursery School, Went to Burroughs Middle School until sixth grade, then went to another school I don't know, then went to Springfield High, then went to Washington University in St. Louis, studied writing... how am I doing, so far?"

I was stunned. I mean, I have no idea how he even knew some of this stuff. Like my nursery school? How would that info even be online anywhere? But he wasn't done:

"You dated a guy named Todd and a guy named Carl in college and maybe beyond. Long term relationships, though I don't know for how long. Your parents divorced in 2010 and you're closer with your mother. Want me to keep going?"

He was right about everything. And it wasn't impressive - it was creepy! I asked him, "Where did you find all this?"

He stood up and said, "Maybe from now on, you'll be carefuller online." He then left the restaurant, sticking me with the bill.


  1. You'd be surprised how easy it is to find a lot of information online. Coincidentally, last night I randomly remembered the name of a girl I dated in college so I decided to google her, see if anything came up. Her facebook hadn't been updated since 2012, but was still public. However, with a simple google search, I now have her home address and phone number without anything other than her name. (and knowing her age) Not calling her because that would be super weird.

    1. Is she hot? What's her number?

    2. Back in the days, a phone directory was doing just that.

  2. Be carefuller...winters coming and it's bringing net stalkers.

  3. Cyber stalk him, get all his info...

    Then send him an invoice for his half of the bill.


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