Emotionally Disabled

Story Sent in by Darlene:

I have a sister who's slightly developmentally disabled. It's not something I advertise but when it comes up, it comes up. And it came up during my coffee date with Jerry. We were just talking about each other's families when I happened to mention the info about my sister.

"So your sister's a 'tard?" Jerry asked, with as little sensitivity as you can imagine.

I corrected him, "She's developmentally disabled, but she can still do things on her own and has a job and–"

"That doesn't make her any less of a 'tard. Does this mean you have 'tard genes?" he asked, apparently expecting a measured response.

I said, "No, but I'm pretty sure that your personality might."

Jerry gave me a death stare. "I'm no 'tard! What, you insulting me? I'm just asking like it's a fact. Is she or isn't she a 'tard? I'm no 'tard! I'm no 'tard!"

I ended the date there and then. But Jerry wasn't done. Over the next three weeks he emailed or texted me just about every "scientific" study he could find about the developmentally disabled and he accompanied each thing he sent with the words, "THIS IS NOT ME. I'M NO TARD. HERE IS PROOF I'M NO TARD," and so on and so forth.

It didn't matter to me if Jerry was developmentally disabled or not. One thing he definitely wasn't was a decent human being.


  1. A bit of vocabulary here. "Tard" and "retard" comes from the word "retardation". This word means "delayed" or "slow progress". Therefore, as a description of development disabilities, "mental retardation" is an adequate term to describe a condition in which mental development is slower than normal.

    Unfortunately, the meaning of words is not a static thing and "retarded" "retard" and "tard" became insults... Therefore new terms need to be constantly created to describe various mental and neurological conditions.

    As for Jerry, I think the appropriate word to describe him is "twat".

  2. That was a roller coaster and I'm so glad I bought a ticket.

  3. This guy makes whatever your sister's problems are look like a walk in the park. He was obviously dropped on his head as a child. Repeatedly.

  4. It's nice to see she ended the date right away.


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