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Story Sent in by Jimmy:

First date with Andrea. We were just walking together by some shops at night. There was a small package in the doorway of one store. It was just something that was probably mailed there and had arrived after hours.

But Andrea freaked out. She stared at it and pointed and said, “It’s a bomb. I know it.” She then pulled out her phone and dialed what I guess was 911 and she told the operator about the “suspicious package.” After giving her information, Andrea hung up and then hurried away as if she herself was terrified of being blown up.

When I caught up with her I asked her how she was so sure that it was a “bomb” and not just mail. She replied, “I did tours overseas. I know a bomb when I see one.”

Andrea had never before told me that she had been in the military. Seems like the sort of thing that would’ve come up prior. Added to the fact that based on everything she had told me about herself (college, jobs, etc.), I had no idea where she could’ve fit “tours overseas” into her life. I pressed her on it but she was too vague about answers for me to really buy it.

The rest of the date was comparatively normal. We even kissed goodnight and both agreed that we’d go out a second time.

The second time out we went to an adult arcade and she spent most of the time pointing at the arcade games, pool tables, and gift shop, claiming that they were all “well-concealed bombs.” I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else and she said she did and we went back to my car and she said, “your car has a bomb in it,” and she went back inside.

After considering what to do, I just left.


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