But You Really Should Check Out Its Horsepower

Story Sent in by Lisa:

On my first date with Larry I told him I'd pick him up at his place and we could go together to dinner. We agreed to go to a nice restaurant and then maybe take a walk afterward and even try to catch a meteor shower that was supposed to happen that night.

I drove up to his apartment building with my silver Toyota Corolla and waited outside for him. He came out, took a few steps, and then stared at me - or my car - for a long while. I finally stepped out and asked him, "Are you coming?"

He shook his head and asked, "Do you have a different car we could use? I think that car is haunted."

I laughed, thinking it was some kind of bad joke. But he went on, "Silver Toyota Corollas are the most haunted of cars. I'll meet you at the restaurant." So saying he jogged past me, down the sidewalk, and toward the direction where the restaurant was. Thing is, though, that it was over four miles away. I called after him and even drove alongside him for a bit but he insisted that he wasn't going to step into my car. So I told him to forget all about the date and I drove home in frustration.

If this was an isolated incident I would've just chalked it up to Larry being a singular weirdo. But a little less than two years later I was out with another guy, Evan, who saw my car and asked, "You chose to drive a silver Corolla? Didn't you know they're the most likely car to be haunted?"

I pressed him, "Is that like from a TV show or something? Why do people think that silver Corollas are 'haunted'?"

All Evan said was, "I thought it was common knowledge."

Not to me. Anyone else?


  1. These guys must have known each other. I searched Google for like 30 seconds and found nothing about haunted silver Corollas. I'd say that's pretty definitive.

    1. I always thought it was common knowledge.

  2. I went on Snopes and I couldn’t find out why this is either.

  3. What happened with Evan? Did he risk being possessed and get in or do we have to wait for Contestant 3?

  4. People might be partially remembering Corolla, NC and not realizing its a place and not cars.

    1. That would be so funny if true... I hope it is!

    2. Yeah, I was googling "Haunted Corolla" and that's what most of the results pointed to. Weird mistake to make, but two different guys, two years apart?


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