Behind the House, the Ground Has Opened Up

Story Sent in by Clarke:

There was an old field at the end of my neighborhood where the local teens would go to hang out, hook up, and so on. I hadn't actually been there for years, but when I told Elia about it she fixated on it. One detail in particular intrigued her: there was an old sinkhole in the field. It might have been part of a collapsed granite mine or something. Anyway, she really liked the idea of visiting and checking out this hole.

We went out for a brief dinner and then we drove to the overgrown field. In the gathering dusk, I led her to the hole. It was bigger than I remembered. All the more reason to perhaps steer clear of it. But not Elia. She leaned way over the edge and even tossed in a handful of granite chips. They clattered below.

She laughed and said, "That doesn't sound too deep," and before I could stop her, she jumped in.

She landed with a crunch and an "Oomf!" and then she screamed. It sounded more like a cow's moo than a scream, but cow or not, she was clearly in pain. I was ready to call 911 when she shouted up, "I'm gonna see if I can climb out!"

I yelled down, "Don't try to move! I'll call 911!"

I heard the sound of rocks falling and I asked her, "Are you all right?'

She coughed and said, "Yeah. I'm just climbing out. If the cops find us here they'll arrest us. Trespassing."

I couldn't really believe that she was more worried about that than she was about potentially having several broken bones. But sure enough, Elia found her way to an area of the hole where bottom sloped up to the lip, and she was actually able to limp out.

She looked better than I thought she would, although she was pretty banged up. I guided her back to her car and asked her if she would be okay and if I could bring her to a hospital. She replied, "I'll bring myself to a hospital. Good night," and then she drove away and I never saw her again.

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  1. When your date would rather jump into a sink hole than spend one more second with you.....


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