Hide and Pique

Story Sent in by Glen:

There wasn't much to talk about with Barbara. We had met online and had agreed to meet in person pretty quickly, mainly to see if there was any chemistry. We had started out with good conversation but soon we made it to a park and sat down and she stopped talking to me or answering my questions with any substance. I'd ask her things and she'd reply as quickly as possible without branching off into conversation from any of it - like she was in a hurry to spin things down. I asked her if everything was okay and she said it was.

She became kind of manic again after a little bit and the conversation flowed like whatever had been bothering her had just been temporary. I was glad to get back into it, but in the middle of our chat she blurted, "Let's play hide and seek! You're it, first!"

She then ran off. I love spontaneity so I covered my eyes and counted to 50. Ready or not. I opened my eyes and... well, there she was in the middle of the field, just standing there with her hands over her eyes.

I figured she was just playing around and so I pretended to look for her in other places. Finally I tapped her on the shoulder. "You found me!" she said, "Your turn to hide!"

She threw an arm over her eyes and counted. I decided to find a good spot under a little bridge.

After the better part of an hour, I peeked out. Barbara was nowhere to be seen. I called out for her and texted her. She texted back that he had become bored with hide and seek and went to an ice cream parlor nearby. I was a bit irritated - why hadn't she texted me or called to let me know that she was done playing?

Anyway I went to meet her at the ice cream parlor and she was sitting there without any ice cream but with another guy. She said, "Hey, Glen. Meet my friend, Eric."

I shook Eric's hand. Barbara then turned to him and said, "Ready?"

Eric nodded and then the two of them started making out, right there in front of me. I left the ice cream parlor. I don't think they even noticed. I didn't go out with Barbara again.


  1. She got you good OP. Her and Eric probably get off on humiliating others and they just wanted to see the look on your face when they went at it. I'm sure they went home and screwed like bunnies.

  2. "After the better part of an hour, I peeked out. "


  3. Who hides for an hour and expects the other person to still be there?

  4. That is a weird story... On the one hand, the girl proposes the game, but doesn't make an effort to hide. Then he hides but don't come out until after an hour. Up to there, I thought, fair enough, the girl wasn't into him and found a dick way to let OP know and left... But then there's the "friend". wtf?


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