Two Drink Minimum

Story Sent in by Clarence:

Lorraine had an online profile that specified she was single and I wrote to her to ask her out for coffee. She wrote back to say that she could meet up with me the next night right after she was done at the gym.

That next night at the coffee shop she arrived in workout clothes and very sweaty. She asked me to order her something iced and I did. She then asked me to order her a second drink.

"Thirsty?" I asked. She hadn't even started her first drink, yet.

"Yep," was all she replied and so I ordered her a second iced coffee.

She took it and said, "Thanks. And my boyfriend says thanks, too," and she left with both drinks I had just bought her.


  1. Horrible! Report her to the dating site!

  2. What the hell? What a loser/ user...

  3. This post is two days old, and no one in the comments has said "dinner whore" yet. Where's Steve?

  4. Disgusting pig of a woman


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