A Long Way of Saying, "Move Along"

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About me:

This is the part of the profile where I'm supposed to make you want to know more about me but I have decided that if you wanted to know more about me you wouldn't be on this site and that works because if you really wanted to know me you would know me by now and if you knew me by now you would know if you wanted to date me or not and if you knew that you wanted to date me you would have asked me out and I would have said yes or no and based on your request I would make a decision and we would either be dating or not dating so you see it seems pointless to even have a profile on a dating site because if you knew me you'd know me and if you didn't you wouldn't but do not take my word for it and if you want more information about it then please send a self addressed stamped envelope to don't have a cow man po box 116980 fort lauderdale florida 33312.


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