The Naked Truth

Story Sent in by Abe:

One of the first questions out of Molly on our first date was, "Are you one of those guys who likes seeing women naked?"

I told her the unblemished truth: "Yes."

She sighed and said, "That's too bad. I was hoping you were different."

I said, "I wasn't expecting to go that far tonight. But most guys I know like that sort of thing."

She said, "Not the guys I know. Sorry."

We never went out again. Oh well.


  1. I only like seeing SELECT women naked, if that helps.

  2. Well, sure Molly. But those guys like seeing guys naked. It's perfectly fine, but you probably don't want to be dating them.

  3. Case of lost in translation. What she meant was "do you like to visit porn sites or peek or your neighbors with binoculars in order to look at naked women"... What he understood is "are you sexually attracted by the naked female body".
    Molly should learn to express herself a little bit more clearly...

    1. And I should learn to proofread...

    2. ...BEFORE hitting "publish"...

    3. Honestly that is what I thought. She worded it wrong and thought he was admitting to being pervert.

  4. Are you one of those "Heterosexual" guys?? WTF??


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