Fry Away

Story Sent in by Michele:

I was out to dinner with Dave and he ordered some French fries and some beer. When they arrived he drenched his fries in beer. As in he literally poured the beer all over the fries. He then sang a song that sounded like, "Beer for my fries, fries for my beer, love me some beer, love me some fries. Beer for my fries, fries for my beer, love me some beer..." and then he gobbled up all the fries as fast as he could.

When he saw my shocked face he said, "Well I don't want them getting too soggy before I eat them. That would be gross."

Then he launched back into his song. After a little while of singing it I asked him, "Can you stop singing? I get the point."

He said, "Why don't you order some beer and fries and try it out?"

I replied, "No, thank you."

He said, "Then our business is settled," and he up and left.


  1. Dude, beer is not malt vinegar. You have to wait!

    1. If you get a crappy enough beer maybe it tastes like vinegar? Lol

  2. I know people who dip their fries into chocolate pudding. Not my cup of tea but if they like it, who am I to judge?

    My guess is that this was some kind of test how close minded OP is. Looks like she failed it.

    1. Asking someone to tolerate performative eating and singing in lieu of actually talking and learning about the other person on the date seems a breach of dating contract. What I am saying is: don't ask me to a dinner date and then use my time to sing to your food -- if I want to eat with crazy people I can just eat alone.

  3. After pouring beer on his fries, he should have been battered.


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