Circles and Squares

Story Sent in by Leesa:

At the end of a pretty decent date with Jeff, he handed me a copy of Dante's Inferno. He said, "I give this to all my dates. You'll find out why soon enough."

I thanked him although I was a little confused. When I brought it home I discovered that it was in Italian. I don't speak or read Italian and when he called me the next day to ask if I had read it yet, I told him that I didn't know Italian but perhaps he could recommend a good English translation.

His response was to scream into the phone and then hang up. I've kept the book as a souvenir from that whole weird experience.


  1. Original Italian is the only way to read Dante, obviously.

    Not sure what this guy was expecting to happen, but I think he might have needed an attitude adjustment.

    1. Totally thought you meant this kind of Attitude Adjustment.

    2. To be fair, that is a much more convincing attitude adjustment. And afterwards, you'd need a chiropractic adjustment.

    3. Hey! Lower middle class white kids from the Mideast got whacked with the spoon, too!

      Was my mom doing the cultural appropriation thing when she hit us with a spoon? The 80's were hard.

  2. Why can't you people just say, "I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling it."


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