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I love to dance anytime anywhere. Wake up in the morning; let's dance first! Out to dinners; let's dance! Picking flowers; we dance! Catching pokemon; why do we not dance! Life is a beautiful musical and the music is everywhere if you know where to look. Under that rock! Inside your desk fan. IN THE SMILES OF BABES! Oh! I must dance even now as I write this; know that I dance even while you read my words; time to dance is always; know that the music loves you and will remember you when you are the deadest of dead; dance across the bridge my pets! My cat and dogs dance up on hindlegs! We are all to dance together at every hour! When do you dance; lets start with that and dance on! Now and always!


  1. If you meet up with this person and they're not just covered in super lean muscle, they're a poser

  2. How many times has this person gotten their head too close to their desk fan while dancing?


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