Email Sent in by Samantha:

u have lots of basketball pics on ur profile. do u like basketball. what are ur favorite team. i like the dodgers and not just cuz of there name but also they are a good team. i have lots of dodgers jerseys? which is your favorite dodgers player? mine is lamarque. he is strong and fast. i think that around my friends i am the one most like lamarque. do u like strong and fast men like lamarque. we should go 2 a baseball game together.?



  1. Miles seems very unsure

    1. Miles seems to be [the mental age of] a 12 year old. Of course he's unsure.

  2. Samantha dodged a major bullet. She's my favorite dodger.

    1. This.

      I think it's a 12 yr old too trying to hit up women on the site.


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