Soggy Bottom Boy

Story Sent in by Eva:

Walter (who I had known for a while and trusted) wanted to take me on a stargazing date. I looked forward to doing that with him. He drove us to a dark field and we stepped out of his car.

He then spread his arms wide and ran out into the field, I guess in an attempt to be silly. But the silliness stopped when he stepped into a soggy marsh that we couldn't see from where we had parked. I heard him splash around and curse.

"Are you okay?" I called out to him.

He splashed around some more and insisted that I join him out in the "field." I told him I'd be fine just watching the stars from the area around his car.

He yelled and commanded me to join him in the wet field, saying it was "only fair." I refused. He then sloshed out of the marsh, shouldered past me, climbed into his car, locked the doors, and drove away.

I called another friend to pick me up and I never went out with Walter again.


  1. Oh that winning attitude of getting angry with your date when you do something really stupid!

  2. Ermehgerd, women want equality, yet they won't slosh through soggy marshes, blah blah blah...

    Trolling gets tedious sometimes...

    1. It's ok dear we all need a break sometimes.

  3. There's no reason for this type of behavior. OP should have not told him they made it back and forced him to wonder if they'd been left to their death.

  4. Eva, you totally messed up the meet-cute story he wanted to tell to your grandkids.


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