I'm Not as Drunk as You Drunk I Am

Story Sent in by Nick:

I was waiting at a table at a bar for Sherri to show up for our first date. I was looking forward to meeting her. We had spoken online and over the phone for a couple of weeks and she was funny and cute and seemed to hit all the marks.

She showed up completely plastered, nearly collapsed on the table, stuck a finger in my face, and said, "You look like my brother," and then laughed herself silly.

I didn't know where she lived but there was no way I was going to let her drive home in that state. But I asked her several times what her address was and she wouldn't tell me. So I stepped away, called the local police, and explained the situation.

I escorted Sherri outside, a cop car came by, picked her up, and that was the last I saw of her. She messaged me the next day to ask me when I wanted to go out on a first date. Uh... pass.


  1. You could have taken her out for late night munchies OP.

    Seriously though, good job OP. Glad you didn't let her drive home like that.

  2. You sound like a great guy OP- a lot of men might have taken advantage of her, she is lucky you were there. It also sounds like she completely forgot she even met you the night before. Poor girl obviously has some issues, so you dodged a bullet.

  3. OP, outstanding guy. I would have let Sherri know that you had the police drive her home; she was so oblivious she has a problem that could get her ( or someone else) seriously hurt.

  4. *Slow clap* Well done OP.

  5. I mean I just gotta know how she even got there without killing someone.

    1. Nick never mentioned what the cops found in/on her car.


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