Prune 'n Swoon

Story Sent in by Sue:

At dinner, George asked the waiter for two glasses of water. One was apparently for drinking. He slipped the fingers of his left hand into the other. "I like it when they're pruney," he explained.

I asked, "Why?"

He said, "They just feel good."

We went on talking for a little bit and he only took his fingers out long after dinner arrived. He inspected each pruney finger for a while and then he licked every one. It was a long, slow lick of each and it made me pretty uncomfortable. He then smirked as he looked up at me and said, "I love the ridges."

I was so glad to hear that, that we didn't go out ever again.


  1. He probably got advice from friends to be himself and be open about his little quirky sides...
    Same friend should have warned "NOT THAT OPEN, MORON"!

  2. I knew as soon as he said, "I like it when they're pruney", exactly where he was going with that. What a total creep.

  3. His ideal date in the future would probably be swimming for all the pruney goodness.


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