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For years clubgoers and partiers have wondered about that actual rhythm of the night. I have finally cracked the code and it came from all places from my shoes. I was watching my feet shine at a club and it suddenly hit me that I know the actual night rhythm. This is what you have to play to make anyone awake and alive enough to expereicne the night on my terms. I was tapping to a song just off key and then all these guys came up to me and said that I had the night rhythm and they all wanted to come home with me. This is not a joke. You just tap this one way and the night rhythm will attract both guys and girls to your nightpony. Write me for more info!


  1. I hope her nightpony is clean after all that 'rhythm'

  2. Oh contraire, DeBarge would beg to differ with you sir.

  3. Nightpony needs to meet Chunky Horse. Think of their children! They could breed ponies for Chuck Norris.


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