Better Plate Than Never

Story Sent in by Beverly:

A little before my date with Sean he asked me if I could drive by his place to pick him up. He explained that his car had no license plates and he didn't want to be pulled over.

I went to pick him up at his apartment building and he climbed in. He was dressed like he was going to a punk show, not a first date. After we drove down a couple of streets he asked me to pull over near a line of parked cars. I did and he jumped out. As I watched, he went up to a white car and worked at removing its rear license plate.

"What are you doing?" I yelled out the window at him.

He said, "Just getting a temp plate for my car. It's the same color and that's all the cops care about."

I yelled, "You can't steal someone else's plate! I'll call the police."

He ignored me and kept at his task. I drove off and called the local cops. I gave them Sean's info and the location of where he was removing the plate. I don't know if they caught him and I didn't hear from Sean again.


  1. Thank you for not staying! Kudos to you for calling the police on that jack hole.

  2. I went on a date with a girl. She asked me to check her tax forms, and as I found some irregularities, I contacted the authorities. Luckily, I didn't need to call my lawyer: I never go on a date without him.


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