Or Maybe You Look 60

Story Sent in by Theo:

Brenda was five years younger than I was and I'm pretty sure we both knew that going into our date. We went out to a bar and had a good talk and somehow I dropped that I was 30. No big deal, I thought.

She looked incredulous and repeatedly asked me if I was 30. Sorry. I was. She, being 25, astutely said, "You're old enough to be my father."

I replied that such a thing was unlikely, given biology. She stood up and said, "I don't date guys old enough to be my dad," and left me there. I was shocked, a little hurt, but ultimately considered myself lucky.

That's because she wrote me late the next day to say, "I didn't realize you were 30! I thought you said you were 60!"

I had repeated multiple times that I was 30. She was either an idiot or a really stupid idiot and I was glad to be rid of her.


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