Why Does This Keep Happening to Me?

Story Sent in by Julia:

In person, Jimmy was about 100 pounds heavier than he appeared in his photos. I was pretty disappointed with that and he picked up on it.

"Am I too heavy for you?" he asked.

I diplomatically said, "You look different than your profile photos."

He replied, "You look like a toilet smear. Are we good, now?"

Fastest date ever.


  1. Maybe he meant it as a compliment?

  2. I've had guys do this. Met one guy who looked nothing liked his profile pictures. I asked about the pictures and he tells me they are about ten years old, "but I look exactly the same." No sir, you do not.

    1. I had a guy show up around 20 years older than his photos. Same excuse. I just thought the photos were ran through some crappy filter to make them look "vintagey".

      The wooly mammoth in the background should have tipped me off.


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