Hot Grudge Sundae

Story Sent in by Moshe:

I thought it would be nice to take Nell out to a diner that had great sundaes. I ordered us one to share (they were huge at this place) and we both agreed on hot fudge as a topping.

When it arrived she was clearly disgusted and said, "I hate hot fudge."

I reminded her, "You said it was fine a minute ago."

She replied, "I was fine with it a minute ago. Now, in the present, I really don't want it. Think we can send it back?"

Before I could answer, she flagged down our waiter and held up the sundae toward him, demanding that he take it back. He asked what the problem was and she complained that it had a topping she didn't like. Then it was his turn to remind us that we had asked for it with fudge.

To defuse the situation I took the sundae for myself and told Nell to order whatever else she wanted. She ordered a small cup of cookie dough with caramel.

It arrived and she picked at it. "Eww. I don't want this. I don't know what this topping is but it isn't caramel."

She hadn't even tasted it. I tried a little. It was definitely caramel and very tasty caramel at that. At the end of things, Nell ended up eating no ice cream at all, I had way more than I could finish, and we never went out again. So I think I wound up the winner.

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  1. I can see her future... Down the aisle, when the priest asks if she wants to take whichever poor sod standing there as lawful wedded husband, she'll look at him and say "erk, no! He's not my type. And he's a lawyer. I hate lawyer." And said lawyer to reply "but you always knew I was a lawyer. It was clear on my dating profile three years ago when we met!" "Yeah, you told me you were a lawyer then, but not that type of lawyer. You're not practicing the right type of law." And walks out...


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