Number Two Thumbs Down

Story Sent in by Emily:

On my second date with Bill we went to a drive-in theater. We went in my car, pulled up to a space with our popcorn, and settled in.

Not too long into the movie I became aware of some poop-like smells coming from his side of the car. He was obviously farting. I opened my window all the way and then I had to open up all of my other windows. It smelled so awful! I even resorted to taking deep breaths out the window but even that didn't help much. Bill didn't seem to notice a thing.

Finally around the middle of the movie he said, "It smells real bad in here," then exited my car.

I thought he was making for the bathroom, but he never came back. He didn't respond to my texts or calls, and I looked around for him a little bit but he simply wasn't at the drive-in, anymore. My guess was that he called someone to pick him up for whatever reason. Haven't heard from him from that day to this.


  1. He was out of there so fast, I bet he left skid marks.

  2. I hope you got your car detailed after that.

  3. Maybe it wasn't a fart. Angie finally split up with him and he's back on the dating circuit!

  4. Would if he wasn't the culprit, somehow and thought O.P. was? (A stretch, I know) He hung in there as long as he could and was finally too disgusted and ran off.


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