Who Nose?

Email Sent in by Joey:

Hi Joe,

If you look at my profile you will see there's two pictures. ONE OF ME WITH A CAT. The other is just me with my finger up my nose. Men write me all the time to ask why I include that photo. I answer them and then I don't hear from them again. So I'm preemptively writing to you in case you were going to write me. It's totally ok if you weren't going to but I think that in me writing this email I save time for the both of us. If you do decide to write me now you won't have to ask about the nose fad.

Nosy Nora


  1. I'd totally give Nosy Nora a chance

  2. Wait wait wait.

    We had this story once, by none other than Mistah Jay himself, where he went out with this Australian chick with her glorious, hot accent who wanted to puke on him...I digress. Before they went out, he was looking at profiles online and there was a nose-picker with the caption "I'm such a good pick" and Jared gave her a nickname...but I forgot. Was it Nosy Nora, Briana?

    I should search for it. I'm doing such a bad job at being the Kaypedia of ABCD. *sigh* I'm sorry.

    1. hmm im not sure if I recall I'm no good either :/

  3. There's a Jared story? I've only been around about 2 years so I need details.It would make sense though, that the grand poo-ba would have a story or two himself.

  4. Mistah Jay, help us out, please!

  5. SHE STILL DIDN'T EXPLAIN!!! I'm dying to know why she included that picture! The preemptive email was not preemptive at all!


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