Sweet Little Libraries

Story Sent in by Allison:

Cate was insistent on taking me on a date (she specified very clearly it would be a date) to a library to hang out with her friends. Forgive me if a library isn't the first place I think of when I think, "first date," but she said her friends were a lot of fun and she promised we'd go off ourselves to do something on our own afterward.

Well, her friends turned out to be pretty self-absorbed and I wasn't all that into it. Cate did a pretty good job of ignoring me and I was ready to split. When I told her I was ready to go she whined about how I wasn't any fun and then moaned and groaned about having to leave with me. I told her I'd be fine going alone but she made a big song and dance and we left.

About 20 minutes later she received a text from a friend in that library squad. She laughed big and then showed the text to me.

It was a photo of all of her library friends giving the camera the finger and captioned, "This is for Allison!"

"Isn't it funny?" Cate asked with apparent total seriousness. Then she asked, "So what do you want to do now?"

"Go home," I replied, and left her there.


  1. There is such a thing as a good library date. And there is definitely such a thing as a bad library date. Good thing you ditched her. She might have tried to buy you a Happy Meal for dinner.

    1. Links on point today, Arch

    2. The bad library date sounds good to me! A ghost tour is a good idea for a date (from experience)

    3. I've seen that happy meal clip before, and I can't remember where. HELP ME!

  2. Hot lezzie library dates... fapfapfap...

  3. I think that perhaps both OP and Cate were at fault.All of Cate's friends gave op the middle finger in a picture so that's saying something. I'm betting that Op was being standoffish and the friends picked up that she didn't want to be there. Then there is the question of what was the groups purpose of being there. Were they a study group prepping for finals or were they library hipsters? I'm wondering because library hipsters are more self-absorbed then the average hipster. They're already pissed off that their favorite book stores are being closed down and have to meet in a library that doesn't serve coffee.

  4. Love the title Jared,I see what you did there...


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