Dance With Us Into Oblivion

Story Sent in by Ramon:

I met Julie online. She was a dancer. I told her in one of my first messages that I'd love to see one of her performances. She gave me the time and place of a performance for the upcoming weekend. I was looking forward to attending and to taking her out for a drink afterward.

I bought my ticket and sat down in the crowd. I read through the program to find Julie's name or bio or whatever she might've had listed. But I didn't see her name at all. There was a list of participants' names but she simply wasn't listed among them. Weird. But maybe she joined the ensemble after the programs had been printed. Whatever. I was there and looked forward to seeing her.

But she wasn't once on stage. She was not in the performance after all. I sat through the whole thing and at the end of it I called her and asked, "What happened?"

She said, "I performed. You didn't see me?"

I said, "At the Green Tree Stage? I'm here right now and didn't see you at all."

She said, "I wasn't at the Green Tree Stage. Are you serious? I can't believe this. I was at Patterson's Theatre."

I went back to my emails with her and checked. Green Tree Stage. That's precisely where she told me to see her perform. There was no mention of a Patterson's anything.

I informed her of this over the phone and she screamed at me with every expletive she could dredge up. How could I miss her performance? Was I a complete idiot? Didn't I know how to read? Did I care about her at all? And so on. I hung up on her and forwarded her the email she had sent me with the Green Tree Stage info.

I didn't expect to hear from her after that but she texted me, "Just got your email. Looks like I was mistaken. Still want to take me out for that drink?"

No apology or anything like that. So no response from my part.


  1. "Yes, I'll meet you at the Green Tree Stage...."

  2. I'm guessing she lied her ass off and was caught in the lie.

  3. She did not apologised but at least she admitted her mistake. Sounds genuine. It's a big notch above the great majority of cases seen here.

    Still... She's got serious anger issues. Ramon dodged a bullet.

  4. Op seemed like a genuine,nice guy and was showing interest in Julie's interests and then for the effort she lambaste him for it. As for Julie expecting to go out for drinks after that temper tantrum she threw, that's rich. I'm guessing if that did happen op would end up going to a bar that Julie would agree on then she wouldn't be there because she meant another bar. I'm sensing it would be a non stop, rage filled fiasco with her. Op did the right thing by avoiding her. Even if Julie did apologize, she crossed the line with her verbal abuse.

  5. This is why I only date EXOTIC dancers.


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