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Story Sent in by Daniela:

John brought me to a university art gallery to look at some photos. He pointed at one and said, "I took that." The artist's name wasn't his and I pointed it out. He remarked, "Lies. Here, I took this one," and pointed to another photo. Again, this one had someone else's name on it and again I pointed it out.

John grew increasingly testy and said, "No! That's not right! I took it. Here, I took this one." He pointed to another photo with yet another artist's name on it.

I asked, "If you took it then why does it have someone else's name on it?"

He screamed and said, "LIES!" and punched the wall and ran off. It was safe to say that this date was over.



    Sorry you had to endure that horrible date OP. How was his hair? Did it even look real? Is he really that orange in person? Did he hurt his tiny hands when he punched the wall? Asking for a friend.

  2. Guys, it is important to put a little thought into lying self-aggrandizement. That is why I am an architect on OKCupid -- buildings don't have names on them. You just point and say: "Oh yeah, that one was my idea." Then you throw in a more technical term, "I just really was into using spandrel glass that season." Then boom! Next thing you know you are building a different kind of bridge!

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    2. ^ And this is how I got married.

      "Notice the floor to floor height? That's because I used a vierendeel truss' to help bring fresh air into the carburetor. This helps keep fracking to a minimum and expands the building's servomyces production."

    3. I pissed my pants a little reading these.

  3. It was a test. If you had believed him he probably would have married you, since he'd be able to get away with everything.


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