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Profile Sent in by Lisa:

My self-summary

I love Polish fiction. I have shirts with Bukowski on them. If we meet you will likely see them and soon grow accustomed to them. Maybe if you had an original thought of your own you would understand why this is so important to me. Instead you are probably the guy who eats snack-ums and smokes chesterfields and votes republican while camping out and calling yourself the "real man". Well "real man" come and see what a 21st century woman looks like! You have been warned!!!


  1. OP received this from a woman who thought she was a man? Or is Lisa a man who received his name from parents with a sick sense of humor?

    1. This is from a dating site profile. So it could be said that all of us, the Internet collective, "received" it whether or not we asked for it. Like oxygen. Or rain. Or politicians.

    2. Like politicians, we get the profiles we deserve.

    3. Lisa is Sue's brother, but only Sue has been immortalised by Johnny Cash.

  2. Rarely is a warning so immediately useful.


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