The Best-Laid Plants

Story Sent in by Cordelia:

I was out on my first date with Jan at a coffee shop that had a couple of decorative plants around. Jan had the same phone that I did. Mine was really low on battery and I asked him if I could use his charger.

He pointed and said, "Yeah, but you have to pick up that plant over there and move it to the other side of the store."

It was a weird thing to request but I needed the charger. I went over and picked up the plant. When I was halfway across the store he pointed and screamed, "She's stealing a plant! Someone stop her! Stop her!"

Everyone looked at me. I shouted back, "You told me to move the plant so I could use your charger!"

"Shut up!" he yelled back.

I moved the plant back where it had come from and then left the store. He texted me, "What's wrong?" as if he didn't know. I didn't respond.


  1. You just know that coffee shop now has a photo of you up on their wall next to the plants with a red circle and slash around your face.

  2. It was probably a pretty lame date, anyway, if you both had your phones out the whole time.

    1. No where does it say they were on their phones. My husband tends to forget to charge his phone at night and maybe the OP just forgot too.

  3. Date tells OP to perform if she wants access to his charger. I would never need anything that badly in my life.

  4. The next step to use the phone charger was stripping nude and ordering him another coffee.

  5. Hope OP was young, naive and impressionable...


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