Email Sent in by Ali:

good morning,

You have a photo in your profile of you in front of a bookcase. Where is that bookcase I know I have seen it before. I read a lot but I never forget a case for books. I'm glad you are local because maybe we can meet and you can tell me in person or over the phone or even e-mail where the photo was taken. It looks like a good place but you should have gotten the titles of the books in better I cannot read them because they are blurry. If you really liked books you would have taken a better picture so that I could read the titles. I cannot read the titles you hate books goodbye.



  1. As a lover of books, I too, find it dissapointing when the people I want to date hide their book titles

    1. Look at you Bananas, changing up the name! Nice!

    2. Marriage and all that;)

  2. I used to date a guy who's profile picture showed him standing in front of a wall of books. I had fantasies of lounging over there reading said books. However when I went over to his place to my dismay the bookcase was just a painting on the wall! They looked so real...and as it turns out, the guy was as fake as his books!

  3. The book To Serve Man comes to mind.

  4. One of my favorite Twilight zone episodes!


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