Shake 'n Lake

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Story Sent in by Nicole:

There was a local lake I hadn't visited in years and Kris asked me on a picnic date there. I thought it was a sweet idea. I brought a salad and wine and he brought some homemade sandwiches.

When we sat down and he saw my salad he said, "Ugh! Salad! So boring!" and then he picked up the plastic container it was in and threw it into the lake!

"You go get that!" I demanded of him.

He made a big to-do about it but he eventually stripped down, jumped into the lake, grabbed my container, took his sandwiches back, and left me all alone.


  1. You prolly didn't even have some croutons for homeboy. Team Kris.

  2. Haha, I'm picturing a misbehaving toddler being told to "pick that up" after they throw their dinner on the floor. It gets picked up, but very reluctantly, with lots of big sighs.

    Maybe OP should make more exciting dinners if she plans on dating toddlers.

  3. Actually my husband asked why I brought salad to a bbq we went to. Is salad a diss in the food realm? This is exactly why I make sure to bring my disposable plastic containers when I go some place in case they get lost, forgotten or tossed in a lake. Just to clarify, my salad is freaking fantastic and includes croutons(separate until served)

  4. Actually, I shake my salads for even dressing distribution ;)

  5. was this an internet date? first date? You didn't mention that, and I'm curious


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