Email of the Gods

Email Sent in by Marie:


I see you have lots of photos of you in the sunlight. I am happy to see you out and enjoying the sunlight. There can be less men in your photos though. You say they are friends but let's just cut out the middleman shall we? We BOTH know what these men are doing in your photos/life. Are you trying to make me jealous. I am not the jealous type but know that I will hunt them down if they so much as flirt with you while we are together. Know that I am watching. And waiting. Mortal.



  1. Sid vicious indeed!Many women have guy friends and perhaps Marie would like to make that known so she can wean out jealous guys like Sid. As long as she wasn't being sexy with any of the guys in the pics,I don't see how that could hurt her chances on getting dates on the site. As a woman with guy friends I've had encounters with jealous trolls. When dating someone don't think of their friends as competition. Think of it as a chance to make some new buds. My friends are now my husbands friends(I think they like him better).

  2. I mean no offence, but you're one of the best commentes around these parts. Im not racist but, I meant that from the heart.

    Your argument is invalid ;)

  3. I'm not the jealous type, but.. OMG I AM SO JEALOUS I WILL MURDER YOU AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

  4. I think Sid was trying to be the broody emo vampire type but ended up hooking a left turn to crazy town.

    I'm more upset about the poor grammar.


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