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The 90S were the best decade. One word for you: ALANIS MORISETTE. That voice echoes across my entire life and every album of hers is like my biography. You need to listen to her if you haven't. She is truly LIFE CHANGING. Ask me and I will send you her music. If you listen to it all then you will know exactly everything about my life and how it has gone. I was in the same place as her once. If you know her then I will marry you right away. If you also love her music then that's also OK!!! If you do not like her music then you are probably not human. Get lost then!!!


  1. A jagged little pill indeed...

  2. Everyone knows that Alanis Morisette is God!
    Well, she was in the film Dogma...

  3. Curse you, Mistah Jay! You got that song in my head because of your title! "you-you-you, outta knooow!!"

    1. Would you go down on me in a theatre?

  4. It's nice when they show the crazy right up front, isn't it? It's like a giant caution sign with blinky lights!


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