Brie Right Back

Story Sent in by Larry:

I thought it would be a nice gesture to take Eve out to a good restaurant for dinner. We sat down, she took one look at the menu, slammed it down, and said, "I want cheese!"

I pointed out, "I think that you can order the pasta with–"

"No! I want cheese now!" She grabbed her bag and made like she was really going to leave. We hadn't ordered anything yet so we hurried out and she went into a local 7-Eleven and grabbed a pack of individually-wrapped cheese slices, purchased them, and then chowed down on them before we even left the store.

By way of explanation she said, "Don't you sometimes get those weird cravings? Mmm, cheese!" How she loved that cheese.

After she gobbled it up (in less than a minute) she said, "All right! Date's over!" and she held out her hand to me like she wanted to slap me five. I didn't follow through. She shrugged and took off.


  1. Eve has Swiss cheese for brains.

    Eve didn't come off as being very sharp.

    Perhaps Eve is a basket queso?

    Eve needs to learn to curd her enthusiasm

    Perhaps Eve saw the prices on the menu and thought that Op was expecting sex and was up to no gouda.

    Perhaps Op was being cheesy and that is what brought on Eve's craving for cheese.

    Perhaps Eve didn't have any cheddar and wanted Op to buy her some cheese then ditch him.

    To brie or not to brie?

    Edam & Eve 4-ever!

  2. OP was being cheesy. At least he wasn't being corny

  3. Sounds like Eve was preggers from her previous Plentyoffish date... dotdotdot...

    1. Steve, a pregnant woman does not simply go into a 7-11 and purchase only cheese. And don't you mean plentyofcheese date...ahem...

    2. I dunno... women tend to crave the calcium when preggers... #mansplaining

    3. Can confirm. Source: the many many gallons of milk I dark during pregnancy. Sometimes at 3am. Once I went to a donut place, grabbed two bottles, drank them in line, and then purchased them empty with shame in my heart.

    4. Briana, let me know when you're ready for #2... my little swimmers are quite potent...

    5. Steve, my oven has baked buns before and dairy reins supreme but to only purchase one item, haa?! I would be like Briana and downing gallons upon gallons of milk(Eskimo chocolate) and lapping up nacho cheese sauce in between breaths of Haagan Dazs as I shout out"Mooore!" Oh,wait...Briana said bottles of milk(sigh)I was really thirsty and just drink out of the jug while I peeled the wax from the gouda and paid for the wax shavings when I was done, probably consuming some of the wax. The only shame was when I asked for Zagnuts and the clerk said there were none.#ma'amsplaining

    6. http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/2015/11/the-rare-pants-aged-cheese.html



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