Zoot Lawsuit Riot

Story Sent in by Jennifer:

I was having a good time with Brad and we sat down together in a park. He held out his hands palm down to me and told me to try and slap them. It had been a while since I had played that childhood game, but I liked his playfulness and so I indulged. I'm pretty fast so I was able to slap the backs of his hands pretty quickly.

It was then my turn to hold out my hands but he was too slow to slap them. I then slapped the backs of his hands, just to continue the whole playful thing.

"Aaaaaaaaaggh! Right on my stitches!" he screamed.

He had no stitches on the backs of his hands. He then stood up, pointed at me, and yelled, "Lawsuit! Lawsuit!" until I was able to calm him down. I apologized for "hurting" him and we went back to chatting for a bit.

Then in the middle of an unrelated conversation he screamed, "Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit!"

"Shut up!" I yelled right back at him. But that only increased his volume. I couldn't take it anymore and I stormed away. He followed me for a little bit but I sped up (I did say I was fast) and left him behind.


  1. This is why I don't go to parks for dates. Without an activity, people inevitably say the wrong thing. I like going to pet stores instead.

    1. While I've never gone to a pet store on a date, they do usually include heavy petting...

  2. Mistah Jay why didn't you make OPs name Janet so I could make a Rocky Horror joke?! Sigh...

  3. Brad is a sore loser. His hands are sore indeed.


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