Baby's Not Back

Story Sent in by Peter:

I met up with Cassandra for our first date at a Starbucks. They were playing hip hop over the speakers. She asked me if I liked hip hop and I said that I didn't mind it.

She replied, "That's B.S. People either love it or hate it. Which is it?"

I didn't hate it so I said, "I guess I love it, then."

She said, "I see. Excuse me a moment," then left the Starbucks and never came back.


  1. Now this is a story all about how
    My date just flipped and booked out of town
    So I'd like to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    And tell you how I fell in love with hip hop from my Starbucks chair

  2. OP loves hip hop? He's clearly the bad date.

  3. Clearly OP didn't love his date, so he must have hated her.

    1. OP could get with this, or he could get with that.

  4. Is this story a sneaky Icona Pop ad?

  5. Hip hop?" How old was this date,the 90's? "I guess that Cassandra wasn't OPP friendly . I've never been inside a Starbucks that played music . Usually the only sounds are that of people bitching about the prices ,wondering if the coffee beans are rainforest certified or the soft sound of pages turning in a book by the random hipster sitting in the corner...Now that's sounds I can tap my toe to while I'm waiting for my dark roast cold brew..


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