Ben & Jerry's Is Really Reaching, Here

Story Sent in by Fiona:

My second date with Oren was a trip to the beach! I love the beach and I couldn't wait to go. We set out our towels, went into the water, and walked up and down the sand.

After an hour or so he asked me if I wanted some ice cream from a truck that was parked up at the parking lot. I said I did and thanked him. He went off to grab the ice cream and returned a little while later with two ice cream cones. One looked great. The other was messed up and covered in sand, as if he had dropped it.

"Which do you want?" he asked.

I pointed at the non-sandy one and said, "Maybe we can share that one?"

He handed me the sandy one and then gobbled up the non-sandy one all by himself. When he saw that I wasn't eating mine he said, "What's wrong? That's not sand. It's just sprinkles. Eat it."

I didn't. His expectation that I would just chow down on ice cream covered in sand was weird and really pretty gross. I offered it to him saying, "If they're just sprinkles then you have a bite."

He said, "No! All for you."

I had lost my appetite by that point and after another dip in the ocean I was done for the day and very done with him.


  1. That sort of random act of meanness just baffles me. It's a recurring theme here. What the heck is wrong with this guy's head?

  2. Oren is a 2 year old. Gives OP the sandy cone and then hogs the good one all for himself. His mother obviously never read him The Giving Tree.

    Side note: As an adult with a daughter, that book makes me cry like a little baby now.

    1. That one and Love you Forever.

    2. The tree is codependent, in an abusive relationship. That's corny, yo...

  3. A sociopathic kid grows into a sociopathic adult. That tree should have got some therapy and severed a toxic relationship. Not that I'm victim-blaming, mind you.


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