Pop Down Video

Story Sent in by Harriet:

I tried online dating a few times and one of those times I met Nick. We set up a date and from the moment I met him in person, he had his phone out and he was taking video.

I asked, "Why are you videoing this?"

He said, "It'll make a beautiful record for our children."

I said, "Um, okay. Can you put it away?"

He replied, "And risk missing out on a single moment? No."

We went for ice cream and he took video the entire time, circling me from every angle as I ordered my ice cream, sat down, and ate with him. After I was finished I told him, "I'm going. Bye."

He followed me for a bit with his camera and then switched it off once I made it back to my car. He waved goodbye and blew me kisses as I left. Weirdo.


  1. Whenever I wonder how the hell Trump got elected, I read this site and I realize why.

  2. *OP cuts to camera confessional* Oh, we're totally getting married! She doesn't know it yet, but I found out where she lives and once I kidnap her and get her back to my ordained mother's basement, it's on.


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